Summer is here!

Summer is here! The runways and fashion stores are full of new Spring styles so it’s time to think about your hairstyle for Summer.

Summer hair in New Zealand is generally all about beachy hair, and this season is no different. Why not let your hair down, think soft curls and natural waves? You can create simple styles like pulling a section of top hair back into a small ponytail to add a little more flair.

Throwing your hair into a messy plait is also another stylish yet simple trend this Spring. Side braids create a beautiful casual chic hairstyle, while a traditional braid softens the face and keeps your hair tidy. For a night out, why not try curling your braid into a bun, or pinning it around your head.

When thinking about hair colour this Spring, think lightness and warmth. Balayage and ombre are still trending, but in a less dramatic way than seen previously – and with much more natural tones. Pastels are also still a popular choice and create the perfect edge for your Summer hair!

Looking groomed is important. Even a wash and wear style still needs a few minutes of care to make it look good.

Here are our top Summer hair tips:

After washing and conditioning your hair, gently comb out any knots while you’re still in the shower. Lastly blast your hair with cold water to encourage the closure of the hair’s cuticles and leave hair glossy and shiny.

Towel dry your hair before blow drying until it’s about 70 per cent dry. Trying to style wet hair will not only take longer, it can also burn your hair, leaving it dry and frazzled.

Use a cooler setting on your hairdryer. This is better for your blow dry as intense heat can cause your scalp to sweat for up to 10-15 minutes after you’ve finished styling. This can cause hair to drop and lose its shape.

If you have fly-away hairs talk to our expert Ivy Hair stylists. They can recommend the best product to suit your hair to leave it frizz free this Summer.

Cheap shampoos that contain strong chemicals strip hair of its natural oils, making it seem dull and lifeless. Use a quality salon shampoo and conditioner. Our hair stylists can make the best recommendation to suit you and your hair type at your next salon visit.

Regular haircuts ensure split ends stay away. Having a trim every six to eight weeks is crucial to keep your hair healthy and looking fabulous!