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– September 2021


Due to the current Level 3 status in the Bay of Plenty, Havana Barbers will be closed until we reach Level 2.

The epic haircuts and banter will be back as soon as it is safe to do so.

Stay safe out there, we’ll see you on the other side!

Real Men Deserve A Great Haircut

Havana Barbers is not just a place for a haircut and cut-throat shave. Leave your lady at Ivy Hair out the front and enter the man cave of modern authentic masculinity and style. Where you can relax, socialise, have a laugh and chill out while you get a sharp haircut and a beard trim. Havana Barbers brings expert barber skills as well as traditional barbershop craftmanship to you. Once you have been to Havana Barbers you will realise what you have been missing. The Havana Barbers salon features authentic barber chairs as well as cool barbershop memorabilia to catch your eye.


Our team of talented barbers have a passion for barbering. Our cuts are tight, shaves are close and of course our style is compulsory. Men are all about having a good time, and Havana Barbers aims to make your barbershop visit a regular highlight.

We understand that real men are busy and your time is precious. Havana Barbers work efficiently without compromising your style or the quality of your haircut. We always endeavour to make your visit to Havana Barbers enjoyable. We’ve created a relaxed man’s place environment where guys can have a moment to unwind and have a laugh. So, come with a bit of time up your sleeve and relax.

Havana Barbers is a destination for men that look for the same high standard of service every time they visit. Men who want a bit of colour in their lives and their hair. At Havana Barbers, we have successfully taken the best aspects of traditional man grooming such as beard sculpturing and face shaving and combined them with the latest styles and modern haircut techniques.

Havana puts a modern twist on the timeless barbershop. We bring the vibe of a local barbershop into the 21st century. Where man banter is easy and casual, Havana barbershop is where it all happens. The strong team of senior Barbers passes their knowledge on to the new talent junior barbers. Putting Havana Barbers at the cutting edge of the modern barbershop trend.

So, gentlemen leave your bad haircuts at the door and we’ll make sure you enjoy your visit to Havana Barbers. Fast service, excellent price, a place to relax and escape, but most importantly, an exceptional cut and shave.

Contact Havana Barbers and enter the oasis for real men with man style, beards and stuff to do.